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Trip Planning in Wilkes


Why not make a daytrip a weekend stay in Wilkes!

Daytrips can be nice but driving can really eat up your time, especially if you are traveling further than an hour or so from home. If you have an hour and a half drive from home that would mean spending at least three hours on the road if you were planning on going back home at the end of the day.  Booking a hotel may cost more but if you are staying at the right place the value can far outweigh the price. Waking up to free hot coffee and breakfast and not even needing to make the bed or clean anything is wonderful! All of a sudden, a rushed day trip becomes a relaxed weekend vacation. You can see more, do more and may even be able to enjoy your time on the road more.


Why stay in Wilkes?

Wilkes has long been called the Key City, as it is the gateway to the Blue Ridge Mountains, but it is much more than that. Wilkes is a county that welcomes you in and invites you to stay awhile.

Centrally located near Winston-Salem, Boone, Hickory, Statesville, West Jefferson and Lenior, Wilkes is an ideal place to visit and the perfect place to stay and see all there is to see in Western North Carolina. Highway 421 runs straight through town making accessing food, fuel and supplies most convenient. Wilkes is also a convenient location for lodging. Hampton Inn, located just off the highway, sits on a hill making it easy to find and plenty quiet for a good night”s rest. Lodging prices are often lower than neighboring cities and the streets aren”t crowed with manic city traffic.


What to do, where to go and what there is to see.

Where to start! There is so much to do during your stay. Wilkes offers numerous attractions, festivals, and shops as well as plenty of places for recreation, entertainment and weddings. Hiking at Stone Mountain, cycling the trails at W. Kerr Scott Dam and Reservoir, shopping downtown and touring the many art galleries are only a few activities, among many, in the county.

If you are planning on visiting cities nearby, you”ll find that Wilkes offers competitive lodging prices and can help you escape heavy traffic and crowds at the near local events. Wilkes is close enough to Appalachian State University to stay for game days and is near enough to go skiing in the Appalachian Mountains without the worry of severe weather.


Friend in Town

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As the General Manager of the Hampton Inn in Wilkesboro, NC, my goal is to keep our guests informed about what’s happening, not only at the hotel, but also around Wilkesboro. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of operations, I need a reminder of what being Hampton is really all about.

Arriving at the hotel in the mornings, I smell the fresh coffee brewing and the waffles cooking in the breakfast area. I hear the chatter of people getting their morning started. It’s honestly one of my favorite parts of the day! I like to think of the dining room as the “melting pot” of the hotel. People from everywhere gather together in a warm, cozy room in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, sharing breakfast and preparing for their day.

Are they visiting for an interview to make that next step in their career? Are they calling on a local company, preparing to make the sale that could bring that next big promotion? Maybe they are visiting friends they haven’t seen since high school or exploring the area to enjoy the beauty of the mountains and foothills? Or are they just simply passing through the area on their way to some far off destination? Each person brings with them a different story to tell and I love to hear them all. I get to hear stories of where folks have been or where they are going next. Occasionally, some even need a little direction on how to get there and I am happy to help.

Travelers are often looking for that “friend in town”, the person who has their finger on the pulse of the community. This is where I come in! I make it my business to be in the know about everything going on in the community and I can get them going in the right direction. I can provide you with information about little things, like where to get your laundry dry cleaned, the location of the best Italian food in town, or maybe where to pound the pavement with those running shoes. And when it is time for the big things, I can give you inside information about wedding venues and where to buy that special someone a gift for the birthday that you missed while you were with us. That is what we aspire to be every day; the people that you count on for friendly and knowledgable service. Thanks for letting us serve you. That’s why we are Hampton!

Stop by the front desk and ask for Summer, I can’t wait to hear your story.