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Zaloo’s Canoes (Canoeing in NC)



Canoeing in NC

The New River is truly a treasure. It has been designated a National Scenic and Wild river and an American Heritage River. Tubing, kayaking or canoeing down the New is the best way to explore this remarkable natural treasure. The water is crystal clear (and cold) and with the exception of a small section of white water here and there, is smooth as glass. This is a great family jumpers for sale

Camp Harrison


Camp Harrison


Camp Harrison is affiliated with the YMCA of Greater Charlotte and is a destination for many kids ages 6-16 each summer!  It is a place where new friendships are made, beneficial life skills are learned, and a deeper level of faith is gained.  Campers have the opportunity to choose the camp track that they are most interested in, which makes camp even that much more enjoyable and memorable!


Traditional- This includes a variety of land activities- ropes courses, sports, team paintball and crafts

Dude Ranch- Campers get to take care of animals and fulfill ranch duties.  They work with horses, goats, chickens and a pig.  Campers learn the value and satisfaction of hard work.

Sportsman- Campers learn fishing and hunting techniques at the private lake front base camp.  They have the opportunity to use the rifle range, clay target shooting, archery, and open water fly fishing.

Farm to Feast- This is great for campers interested in learning more about cooking!  Campers take part in farm to table practices for food prep, nutritional information and meal planning, while also learning culinary skills from chefs and counselors.

Beyond the Ridge- This is for the teen campers at Camp Harrison!  Campers get to camp in the woods, and cook meals over an open fire.  They learn to experience life with other teens and navigate through life”s tests.  This is a wonderful program that promotes leadership while growing in spirit, mind, and body.

CIT Program- Counselor in Training-  Campers interested in being a part of the future Camp Harrison staff, have a wonderful opportunity in this program to learn the leadership and supervisory skills it takes!  Through interaction in cabins, leading devotionals, team building projects, and teaching activities, campers learn through experience what it takes to be a leader and an example to fellow campers. (16-17 year olds)

Camp Harrison

Why Camp Harrison? 

  • Only individuals who are positive Christian role models are hired as counselors
  • Counselors give individual attention to campers and are there to teach and be an example
  • Camp allows kids to branch out of their everyday routine, make new friends, and learn new life skills
  • There is a spiritual influence at camp and each day is a new opportunity to grow closer to God and grow stronger in their faith and character

There are 10 different weeks of camp each summer, all with their own theme!  Camp runs from June through the beginning of August.  Kids are always looking for something to do during the summer, and I”m sure mom and dad wouldn”t mind to have them out of the house for a week!  There really isn”t a better place for a kid to spend a part of their summer.  They get to be outdoors, experience some new things, make new friends, and enrich their faith.


The Mission of the YMCA of Greater Charlotte is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.  Promoting the character traits of respect, responsibility, caring, honesty, and faith are all a huge part of what makes Camp Harrison such a wonderful place.

Becoming a Counselor

If you are a person filled with energy, adventure, and a passion for kids and Christ, Camp Harrison would be a great fit for you!  Each year, counselors go through in-depth interviews, must have multiple references, and a background check.  The highest quality staff is hired each summer, trained in First Aid/CPR and most are lifeguard certified.  If you think you are qualified, definitely apply online!  Each summer they count on hard-working, quality people to make camp the success that it is.

*Insider Tip- I was actually a counselor for one summer and it was the best summer of my life.  I was surrounded with individuals who encouraged and built me up every day, I was able to influence lives, and coach kids through new activities and challenges.  It was a ton of fun for not only the campers, but for myself as well.  I was able to try lots of new things I had never done before and was pushed outside of my comfort zone.  It was truly a joy working as a counselor that summer and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a meaningful summer job!


1.  Sign Up!  Find the session and track that best fits your kid, and get them signed up!  This is a wonderful way to spend a week during the summer, try new things, and make new friends.

2.  Become a Counselor.  Spending a summer with the focus of enriching the lives of children, is not only rewarding to them, but is an even bigger reward to you.  Being a counselor at Camp Harrison is a meaningful experience and is worth it if you feel that you have what it takes!

3.  Send a Kid to Camp on Campership.  There are kids each and every summer that are only able to go to camp because of donations made towards camperships.  There are several different options and donation amounts that can be found on the Camp Harrison website.  Camperships are such a wonderful way to help send a kid to camp that wouldn”t be able to go otherwise.

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