No more Appalachian State move-in day madness!

Families come from far and wide to take part in this triumphant moment! Having graduated from Appalachian State University, I know how wonderful it can be to load the car with way too much stuff and take the scenic drive to Appalachian State. l also know how challenging it can be!

Move-in day at App is, in some ways, similar to attending a football game. Crowds descend on Boone and the parking lots are filled with tags from across the country. People book hotels and make dinner reservations and go shopping for things to fill apartments and dorm rooms. As wonderful as the hustle and bustle can be it can also be a little frustrating. Many families, like mine, are choosing to stay in Wilkes and make the short drive up the mountain.

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Wilkes is just a short 30 minute drive from Appalachian State. Just take US Hwy 421 up the mountain and enjoy the views as you go. Once you reach Boone signs will direct you to the campus where parking will be available. If you want to park close to your dorm you will need to arrive early and expect that you may need to move your car once you are done to allow others to unload. There is a parking deck on campus for those who may want time to explore the campus.  Be sure you are ready to pay as you leave the parking deck. Signs and parking lot attendants will also be there to help you find a space near your dorm.

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The Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn are two great options. Both are close to shopping, dining and are easy to access from Hwy 421. The hotels each have meeting space (which would be great for a graduation party), a swimming pool, business center, serve a delicious hot breakfast and offer much more!

Another good reason for staying in Wilkes is the weather.
Students who are moving in for the second semester during Winter months will need to factor in the possibility of ice and snow. The weather in Wilkes is rarely as severe as it is in Boone. If they get a foot of snow in Boone you can relax in Wilkes knowing that you aren’t snowed in and can wait until the roads are clear and safe.

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Wilkes has a number of fine eateries and offers a wide variety of cuisine. No matter what your new Mountaineer prefers, Chinese, Italian, Thai, down home cooking, etc., you are sure to find a place to relax and enjoy a good meal. Another bonus is that you are more likely to avoid the crowds and long waits that folks dining in Boone may endure.

Excited yet?   You should be!