Strawberry Picking in Wilkes

Spring is a wonderful time filled with great weather (kinda rainy), beautiful nature and short sleeve shirts.  But each year as April arrives, the conversation at my house turns to…. Strawberries.  Yep, believe it or not, my wife and I begin to imagine the taste of locally grown, ripe to the center, red, delicious strawberries and strawberry pie.  As they say…. It is the simple things in life.

For those with lots of energy and good backs, the fields are waiting to be explored.  The “pick it yourself” fields are all around and they welcome all ages.  I remember taking my young children and having an absolute blast watching them pick strawberries.  They would eat one, put one in the basket, eat one, put one in the basket, (be sure to pay a little extra for the eating).  Their faces were red with the delicious juice from those beautiful strawberries.  If you have never tasted a perfectly ripened berry straight from the field, you are in for a special treat!

For those that don’t particularly care for the adventures found in the patch, the farms offer the berries by the gallon, pre-picked and best online casino waiting to be “picked” up.  They taste the same, but you miss all the bending and stooping and picking.  Your choice, either way the trip to the farm is well worth the price of admission.  This year the prices will be up a little, blame gas and fertilizer prices.  My quick survey of the market indicates that the berries will cost around $8.00/ Gal to pick your own and $10.00/ Gal if you want the pre-picked.

My favorite farm is the Howard’s Farm in Harmony, NC.  It is located just a short distance from I-77 at the Harmony/ Union Grove exit.  For those with GPS, the address is 250 Crater Road, Harmony, NC 28634.  Their phone number is (704) 539-4994.  Ask for Trudy, she is delightful and will quickly become your friend.  We have gone to her farm for years and have always gotten wonderful product and service.  I called her this morning and she said they were opening this Saturday, April 21st and that the berries were sweeter than ever, (made my mouth water just to hear her talk!)

I encourage you to make time for the best things in life.  Set aside some time to take your kids or your grandkids to the farm and let them get in the dirt and pick a berry.  They will remember it for a lifetime and so will you. (On a personal note, my wife and her sister have the best strawberry pie recipe you have ever tasted.  If you want the recipe, leave me your email address in the comment section below.)

Happy strawberry picking and eating!