Canoeing in NC

The New River is truly a treasure. It has been designated a National Scenic and Wild river and an American Heritage River. Tubing, kayaking or canoeing down the New is the best way to explore this remarkable natural treasure. The water is crystal clear (and cold) and with the exception of a small section of white water here and there, is smooth as glass. This is a great family jumpers for sale

Zaloo’s Canoes (it rhymes!!) is located on the South Fork of the New River along NC Hwy 16, just 28 miles from Wilkesboro. They offer several trip options that will take up as much of your day as you want. They offer canoe, kayak and tube rentals and provide all the transportation. Just show up at their location and they will do the rest. The tubing section of the river is upstream and the kayak and canoe section is downstream, meaning that you must make a choice if there is more than one of you. (both are lots of fun)


The tubes are nice and big and the water is clear as glass. (let’s work together to keep it that way) The tubing section takes about two hours and is one of the best ways to relax I know of. Just hop in the van and they do the rest. No paddling, no steering, no worries. Just sit back, open the cooler and look at the beauty of the New. There are a few fun ripples and lots of big rocks that help make the ride interesting. In the heat of the summer, having your bottom in the cool, clean water is a great way to cool down. Bring a bunch of friends and have a blast.

The only negative I can think of is the length of the run. I took the two to three hour trip and wanted more when I finished. They offer a four to five hour trip that they say is too much for most people, so I guess it is better to get out wanting more. J

Canoeing and Kayaking

I have made this run dozens of times, so I offer a little insight. First things first…. Bring dry clothes and a couple of towels (ask the hotel to borrow an old one if you forget your own). Zaloo’s offers several options for those wanting to canoe or kayak. They offer two different 5 mile trips, one is upstream and ends at Zaloo’s and the other begins at Zaloo’s and ends at the New River State Park. (the park is a great place to picnic, so plan that in your trip) This trip takes about three hours. Time on the river depends on a couple of things…. water level and arm strength.

The ten mile trip begins at Zaloo’s and ends at Nathan’s Creek. This is a great run and allows you to picnic at the park and continue downstream to the pick-up point. This river trip takes about five hours and makes a great day of the outing including the beautiful drive. They also offer an overnight version with camping at the State Park (I have not done this, but it sounds excellent.  The facilities at the Park are very nice)

During high water times on the river, they offer a 16 mile trip that takes in the entire river run that they service. This trip can take up to seven hours, so bring lots of sunscreen and beverage. There are several picnic options, so bring along the cooler and make a day of it.

Canoeing in NC … add it to your bucket list!

This is one of my favorite things to do on a lazy Saturday. I like to get up early, eat breakfast at Shatley Springs ( you might not need a picnic after that) and get on the river. My wife is not a big fan of kayaking, so she always meets me at the Park with a great lunch and some time under a shade tree. My son and daughter have many fond memories of this river and our time together. So, get up there and make some memories that will last a lifetime. Regardless of your age or paddling skill level, you will enjoy the leisurely ride down this amazing river. Enjoy!