ASU has become a football mecca!

Appalachian State Football One of the best days you can spend in the mountains of North Carolina includes a trip to Appalachian State University to take in an Appalachian State football game. Their victory over Michigan Wolverines propelled them into the national spotlight and winning three back-to-back national championships didn’t hurt either.

Appalachian State Football Staying in Boone on these weekends has become almost impossible; that’s where the Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn Express in Wilkesboro comes into play. The hotels are just a short 30 minute drive up US Hwy 421 to the ASU campus. Additionally, those choosing to stay in Wilkesboro will save a lot of cash. (and that’s always a good thing)

Appalachian State Football Plan on arriving in Boone early! The crowds are large and the parking is limited. I usually park off campus and hike in or ride the AppalCART bus to campus, depending on the distance. Additionally, betting in your seat early allows you to enjoy the crowd and participate in some per-game fun. If you are a tailgater, there is lots of that going on as well. The smell of BBQ will drive you nuts!

Appalachian State Football The stadium is very nice and the seats are great. You will enjoy the game regardless of where you sit. The people are very welcoming and southern hospitality is on full display (unless you are cheering for the other team). I guarantee a great experience! The great news is that ASU usually wins, so after the game, the folks are feeling great and want to have a fun time.

Appalachian State Football Boone boasts many great restaurants and bars and offers a “fan”tastic game day opportunity to celebrate the win. If you like chains, they offer the standard fare. There are great Main Street food and beverage hometown places. Some of my favorites are Mellow Mushroom, Macado’s, Chili’s and Makados Japanese Steakhouse. But there many others to enjoy, so pick a place and enjoy the food and fellowship.

Appalachian StateThe fall weather is a little unpredictable, so bring something warm to slip on just in case the snowflakes start flying. On the other hand, it might be sunny and hot, so be prepared for anything. After your day of fun, come on back down the mountain to Wilkesboro and have a great nights rest at the Hampton Inn. You can spend the night dreaming about another national championship or just relax and enjoy the night knowing you are saving a fistful of dollars.

Goooo Apppp!