The weekend of July 7th , I decided to become a tourist and do a little tubing down the Yadkin River.  As the General Manager of the Hampton Inn here in Wilkes, I always like to try attractions before recommending them to our guest.  My philosophy is “if it’s not something that I would do time and time again, it’s not something I would recommend”.  When traveling out of town guest often rely on Front Desk clerks where they are staying or waitresses to get the scoop on the area.

I decided on Saturday morning to cool down a bit and float the Yadkin River.  I called at the last minute to inquire information about tubing at Super Fly Outdoors located on Hwy 268 West.  I spoke with the owner, John to ask some questions.  He answered everything with ease and assured me that my best girlfriend and I would have a blast.

We arrived at Superfly at approximately 10 am and we decided to make a day of it.  They had several options available:  Tubing for $10.00 a tube, a short kayak/ canoe trip for $30.00 and a long day trip kayak/canoe for $45.00.  We decided to make it a day of tubing because we wanted to just float the river so we could relax, work on our suntans a bit, and have a girl’s day without putting a lot of work into it.

After selecting our tubes, we put in directly behind Superfly.  The staff members helped us ease our tubes in the water and away we went.  The current was slow moving, and the water was cool beneath us.  As we floated we got caught up on our personal lives and laughed at each other’s stories.   Taking in the scenery was almost as refreshing as the cool water.   It’s amazing how quiet and peaceful it was just minutes from town.  We saw several turtles perched on logs (almost too many for comfort), a huge Crane catching his lunch, and we even saw a few fishermen in canoes.  We floated about five miles and it took us approximately five hours.  We tied our tubes together along with an extra tube for our cooler, and took turns pulling each other off the rocks just below the surface.  The river was wide with some deep portions but very slow moving. It’s amazing how when removed from cell phones, electronics, and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, things become simple and it’s almost as if your mind resets and you become more focused.

After several hours on the river, our trip was coming to an end.  The river runs parallel to the Yadkin Greenway and we saw several folks running and riding bikes.  At one point we thought we had floated too far.  Shortly after our panic, we saw the STOPPING point!  Two sunburnt women climb out of our tubes and head up the steps to the Smoot park exit.   Shortly after our arrival several other tourists on kayaks and canoes arrive.  As we are waiting for our pick up from SuperFly, it was fun to listen to the stories of the other participants.

Super Fly arrived promptly and loaded all the tubes, kayaks, and canoes.  We climbed in the van and they so kindly took us back to our cars.  Would I recommend Super Fly Outdoors?  Absolutely!  The staff was courteous and professional at all times.  It’s nice to know that other businesses in town have the same focus as our hotel, 100 % customer service.  I have recommended several of our guest to try out Super Fly Outdoors since our little excursion and each have come back with rave revues.  I do plan on making another trip this summer with my daughter, and this time I just may try kayaking!